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YES, I want to be a CHEF! "When I was 8 years old, everyday when i finish school I always pass by a traditional rotisserie shop,  I always smell the nice scent from the rotisserie oven and every-time the owner gave me a bag of French fries cook under the roast chicken and he specially keep for me." Since I was young I can always try the best food, from my Mom cooking or in different Italian region and always cook in different style. So now you know why I became a chef,  my taste is start form that time. " Food is not only feed you, it can bring happiness and sharing the joy of what is important in your life." - Fabio Mariella

From Italy to Las Vagas, from Hong Kong to Mumbai India, Shenzhen, Dongguan and experience in those place made me explore difference cooking culture.

Apart of Italian food, western, fasion and Oriental cuisine is part of his expertises. 

Member of Italian chef association- GVCI


 Executive Chef United service recreation club, Hong Kong   

 Executive Chef at Paper-moon Milano, Hong Kong

 Executive Chef Grand Hyatt Changsha, China

 Executive Chef Hyatt Regency Dongguan, China  

 Grand Hyatt Shenzhen, China “Best Italian Restaurant 2009 to 2013” by Pearl river delta magazine, China 

 Grand Hyatt Mumbai, India “Best Italian Restaurant 2008” by The Times of India, INDIA 

 Zeffirino restaurant, HongKong, Regal HongKong Hotel, Hong Kong 

 The Venetian Las Vegas, Zeffirino restaurant,  U.S.A

 Zeffirino restaurant Genova, Italy  

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